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SubjectRe: Disgusted with kbuild developers
again, if you all would spend 1/10th of your time helping as opposed to just
slaming it, I'd be impressed. CML2 makes a WORLD of difference for me
personally. But hey, what do I know? I'm just a network administrator, I'm
not a kernel wizard, so feel free to just totally disregard my opinions...

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From: "Larry McVoy" <>
To: "William Scott Lockwood III" <>
Cc: "Alexander Viro" <>; "Eric S. Raymond"
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Sent: Friday, February 15, 2002 7:59 PM
Subject: Re: Disgusted with kbuild developers

> On Fri, Feb 15, 2002 at 07:14:17PM -0600, William Scott Lockwood III
> > Here's an idea Al: Put up, or shut up. Where's your code to replace
> > with? I like Eric's system, and find it's MUCH more useful in a
> > environment than CML1 was. Where's your replacement idea?
> I think Al's work on the kernel speaks for itself. He's been putting up
> just fine, thank you. And I think you're looking in the wrong place,
> Al has expressed no interest (that I'm aware of) in rewriting this code.
> As a user of the new system, a pretty typical user, his opinion counts.
> I don't think that you're really getting the point. Nobody is saying that
> CML1 is the greatest thing since sliced bread. What they are saying is
> it seems to work pretty well, yes it could be better, but CML2 isn't
> up to be an improvement so much as a Eric Raymond Language exercise.
> begrudges Eric his right to come up with as many little languages as he
> But when he asks the kernel developers to use them, he'd better be
> to hear each and every thing they find wanting, and address the majority
> those issues. That hasn't happened. Instead, there have been a lot of
> flame wars, politics, protests about Linus, etc.
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