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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] new VFS documentation
On Thu, 14 Feb 2002, Alexander Viro wrote:

| First of all, since 2.5.5-pre1 there is an up-to-date guide for
| porting filesystems from 2.4 to 2.5.<latest>. Location:
| Documentation/filesystems/porting
| It WILL be kept up-to-date. IOW, submit an API change that may require
| filesystem changes without a corresponding patch to that file and I will
| hunt you down and hurt you. Badly.
| New locking scheme is described in Documentation/filesystems/directory-locking.
| In details and with proof of correctness.
| Documentation/filesystems/Locking is slowly getting up-to-date. Descriptions
| of several superblock methods are still missing and I would really appreciate
| it if folks who had introduced them would document them.

Way to go, Al!

Are there any linux-filesystem-like web pages, sorta like what
Rik has for MM/VM?

Here's a beginning, if someone would like to use it or add to it:


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