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Subject[ANNOUNCE] Journaled File System (JFS) release 1.0.15
Release 1.0.15 of JFS was made available today.

Drop 53 on February 15, 2002 (jfs-2.4-1.0.14-patch.tar.gz or
jfs-2.5.4-1.0.15-patch.gz and jfsutils-1.0.15.tar.gz)
includes fixes to the file system and utilities.

Utilities changes

- eliminate invalid fsck.jfs internal error 10
- update xpeek and fsck.jfs man pages
- better error message if device to be fsck.jfs'ed is not jfs
- add support for 4.4 BSD-style getmntinfo (Christoph Hellwig)
- include sys/types.h for BSD (Hiten Pandya)
- use defacto standard autoconf macro for large file support
(Christoph Hellwig)
- general jfsutils code cleanup (all)

File System changes

- Fix trap when appending to very large file
- Moving jfs headers into fs/jfs at Linus' request
- Move up to linux-2.5.4
- Fix file size limit on 32-bit (Andi Kleen)
- make changelog more read-able and include only 1.0.0
and above (Christoph Hellwig)
- Don't allocate metadata pages from high memory. JFS keeps
them kmapped too long causing deadlock.
- Fix xtree corruption when creating file with >= 64 GB of physically
contiguous dasd
- Replace semaphore with struct completion for thread startup/shutdown
(Benedikt Spranger)
- cleanup Tx alloc/free (Christoph Hellwig)
- Move up to linux-2.5.3
- thread cleanups (Christoph Hellwig)
- First step toward making tblocks and tlocks dynamically allocated.
Intro tid_t and lid_t to insulate the majority of the code from
future changes. Also hide TxBlock and TxLock arrays by using macros
to get from tids and lids to real structures.
- minor list-handling cleanup (Christoph Hellwig)
- Replace altnext and altprev with struct list_head

For more details about JFS, please see the README or changelog.jfs

JFS for Linux

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