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Subject[ANNOUNCE] EVMS Release 0.9.1 (Beta)
The EVMS team is announcing its second beta series release. Package 0.9.1 
of the Enterprise Volume Management System is now available for download at
the project web site:

Highlights for version 0.9.1:

v0.9.1 - 2/15/02
- New dialog help windows.
- Support for mkfs, unmkfs, fsck, and defrag operations as provided
by FSIMs.
- Better descriptions of selection lists.
- Display mount points in the Volumes view.
- Display a startup/splash window during engine discovery.
- Lots of UI cleanup and bug fixes.
- Text-mode UI
- Fixed support for adding/removing objects to/from containers.
- Now supports same command line options as the GUI.
- Segment Manager
- Recognizes BSD, Solaris-x86, and Unixware partitions in the engine.
- MD Plugin
- RAID 4/5 kernel support.
- Supports failover to spare disk or running in degraded mode.
- Limited testing so far - be gentle.
- RAID 4/5 creation and deletion.
- Hot add/remove support for RAID-1.
- AIX Plugin
- Complete region discovery in the engine.
- LVM Plugin
- Fixed some potential memory overwrite bugs in the engine.
- LVM Utilities
- Removed evms_pvcreate and evms_pvremove. No longer necessary to
explicitly create PVs before creating or expanding VGs, or to
explicitly remove PVs after removing or shrinking VGs.
- Kernel
- Improved support for removable and hot-pluggable media.
- Improved support for building EVMS as kernel modules.

Kevin Corry
Enterprise Volume Management System
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