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SubjectRe: funny console prob w/2.4.18-pre[479]+kpreempt+sched-o(1)
Jörn Nettingsmeier wrote:
> hello *
> it happens to me regularly that the x server dies without any
> obvious reason.

I remeber that some time ago, around XFree 4.0 I also had this issues.

> funny thing is, it takes the virtual text consoles with it, which is
> why i'm posting here.

Yes, the same issues, now it almost never dies, and if it dies the
consoles work ok (I'm using FB at 1024x768 and Xfree at 1152x864)

> i end up in kdm and i can restart x alright, but when i switch vc's,
> all i see is a frozen image of the x screen. i can switch back to x,
> and it runs.

When this happened to me I saw garbage from the X screen from the time
it died, let's see, X dies, I get dropped to the console (seeing garbage
colors of the scren) gdm restarts, everything seems ok, but going back
to the console you see the same garbage as before.

> all tasks i started on the vc's before keep running, the mingettys
> are there, the bashes are there, and i can even blind-type commands
> that will run correctly. only the display is messed up.
> a blind-typed "reset" has no effect.

I also found that enebling the xv extension in my XFree causes the
consoles to be lost, but in a different way.

After enabling it and entering X if I switch to a console I see the
console image, but no matter what I do the console stays the same, as
you say I can type blindly.

> any clues ?
> i'm using x version 4.2.0 with a voodoo3 card (dri and agp enabled).
> this is an smp box with 2 p3/600 katmai.
> might this be not a kernel issue, but an x11 problem ?

We have too many things in common to stablish a pattern, I'm using XFree
4.2.0, a voodoo 3 2000 pci card, and I also have a smp box, but it's a

I think it's a X issue by not leaving the console state consitent.

> best wishes,
> jörn
> please keep be cc:ed, i only read lkml archives.

I'm doing

Jorge Nerin

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