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SubjectRe: Broadcom 5700/5701 Gigabit Ethernet Adapters
In mlist.linux-kernel, you wrote:
> Cuz the driver is a piece of crap, and BroadCom isn't interested in
> working with the open source community to fix up the issues.

Can you elaborate? What are the issues? I've found the broadcomm driver
to be more robust than the in-kernel one for acenic cards. With acenic,
I've had a null-pointer deref on SMP and other lockups where I wasn't
lucky enough to get an oops.

Also, broadcomm-driven cards can be put in a bridge. An acenic/bridge
combination will crash the kernel hard when tcp traverses the bridge.

> DaveM and I should have something eventually, which will make the
> RH-shipped driver irrelevant.

that would be oh-so-nice. Do you need cards to play with? I've got a
couple of 3com broadcomm-chipset cards I prabably won't be needing.

Jason Lunz Trellis Network Security
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