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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 2.4.17] Your suggestions for fast path walk
>I have also combined path_init and path_walk in places where 
>they are always called together.

This is nice from a code simplification point of view, and is mostly
orthogonal to the fast path walking.

I'd be inclined to call this combined function something like
path_lookup(), rather than path_init_walk() - the callers don't need to
know that it's an init followed by a walk, they just need to know that
it does a lookup.

Also, to avoid code duplication, is there any reason why path_lookup()
can't be implemented (possibly inlined) just as:

static int path_lookup(const char *name, struct nameidata *nd, int flags)

if(!path_init(name, flags, nd))
return 0;

return path_walk(name, nd);


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