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SubjectRe: [PATCH] move task_struct allocation to arch

David Howells wrote:

> Ask Linus, he asked for the task_struct/thread_info split. Various people have
> complained about the two things being allocated separately (maintainers for
> m68k and ia64 archs certainly, and if I remember rightly, x86_64 as well,
> though I don't appear to have saved the message for that). However, DaveM
> (sparc64) appears to really be in favour of it.

Ok, so we have the following allocation possibilities.
1. allocate task_struct+thread_info+stack together.
2. allocate task_struct and thread_info+stack.
3. allocate task_struct+thread_info and stack.

1. is what we have so far and I hope Linus actually means a
task_struct/stack split. Linus, could you please clarify?
Architectures without a thread register want either the first or second
option. I don't really have an opinion, whether the first option should
be made obsolete. For architectures with a thread register the third
option makes most sense and is not really a problem, we only have to
specify the dependency between task_struct and thread_info.

bye, Roman
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