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SubjectRe: Improved ksymoops output
On Wed, Feb 13, 2002 at 10:05:55AM -0200, Denis Vlasenko wrote:
> Ksymoops with file names and optionally regexp matched email addrs
> ==================================================================
> Warning (compare_maps): ksyms_base symbol ... not found in Ignoring ksyms_base entry
> ...<<tons of similar warnings>>...

Eww. You get these warnings because ksymoops is no longer able to match
up with the kernel ksyms (since you effectively changed the
name of every symbol in

> Call Trace: [<c0130e00>] [<c01459cf>] [<c0113ee7>] [<c0113e38>] [<c021049f>]
> [<c0145d05>] [<c0146002>] [<c010644e>] [<c011b432>] [<c011b7e3>] [<c01071ff>]
> Warning (Oops_read): Code line not seen, dumping what data is available
> Trace; c0130e00 <__get_free_pages(mm/page_alloc.c)+10/1c>
> Trace; c01459cf <__pollwait(fs/,>

I don't call this format "better" nor "improved".

It might be better to have something like this following at the end:

File; __get_free_pages: mm/page_alloc.c
File; __pollwait: fs/select.c
File; do_select: fs/select.c
File; process_timeout: kernel/sched.c
File; restore_sigcontext: arch/i386/kernel/signal.c
File; sock_poll: net/socket.c
File; sys_gettimeofday: kernel/time.c
File; sys_select: fs/select.c
File; sys_setitimer: kernel/itimer.c

Maintainer; fs/select.c <> <>

Yes, this would involve modifications to ksymoops. Note how we grouped
the email addresses together, and also how we sorted the symbol to file

This way you don't have to go around cutting random bits of text out of the
middle of lines, and the lines don't wrap column at 80; in other words, it
is more readable.

You also remove some duplication of information, which is always a bonus

Russell King ( The developer of ARM Linux

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