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SubjectRe: Quick question on Software RAID support.
On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, Alan Cox wrote:

> > 1) Does the Software RAID-5 support automatic detection
> > of a drive failure? How?
> It sees the commands failing on the underlying controller. Set up a software
Is it supposed to detect a failed disk and *stop* using it?

I had a raid1 IDE system, and it was continuosly raising hard errors on
hdc (the disk was dead, non just some bad blocks): the net result was that
it was unusable - too slow, too busy on IDE errors (a lot of them - even
syslog wasn't happy).

Ok, all it took me was to replace the disk, partition it and raidhotadd
devices. Yet it needed manual intervention. I wish it performed an
raidhotremove automagically so to run with decent performance...
even if in "degraded mode". It was RH 2.2.19, so things may have changed

BTW, given a 2 disks IDE raid1 setup (hda / hdc), does it pay to put a
third disk in (say hdb) and configure it as "spare disk"? I've got
concerns about the slave not actually beeing able to operate if the
master (hda) fails badly.


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