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SubjectRe: ver_linux script updates

David Ford wrote:
> I've been working on an update to the ver_linux script and I'm looking
> for comment and help in improving the accuracy of reported information.
> The script is at
> Please provide feedback on it.

o your script assumes bash as /bin/sh. Is this ok with everyone? Is
there noone running a Bourne shell only? printf and declare are not
in the standard Boune shell, IIRC.
o the script hangs when calling loadkeys, because loadkeys without
arguments waits forever. A fix is to pass "loadkeys -V" as third
argument to pv().
o if you assume bash why don't you try to convert all of the code into
bash (inline functions) instead of using awk and sed like the old code
o your script indicates that one should check for "not found/error" but
this never appears, it should be "error getting version, try manually"
o the old script separated the loaded kernel modules with a space, the
new code with a '\n'
o the old code correctly detects my "kbd" version, the new not, because
you use setleds which on my machine reports: "KDGKBLED: Invalid

Why do you want to change this tool? To me it seems like an endless task
because people don't code according to standards. For example if
everyone could stick to let's say that 'progname --version' prints the
version, things would be a lot easier.

Roberto Nibali, ratz

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