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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.18-rc1
On Wednesday 13 February 2002 20:33, Marcelo Tosatti wrote:
> So here it goes.
> rc1:
> - Merge some -ac bugfixes (Alan Cox)

Here's a crazy idea. Why not branch off the new pre-tree when commiting a
There's a number of patches in the ac-tree you proberbly already have
commited to the next pre-kernel in your mind. The basic idea is that when you
release a patch as release candidate, you shortly after release the first
pre-patch for next kernel. For the release candidate there is test delay,
such that at least 1 maybe 2 weeks has to pass without an unsolved release
critical bug, before a release candidat can be promoted to be a stable
version. This would for periods of time result in two patches for the stable
tree. (yes, I am Debian user, how did you guess?)

The advantages are two fold, not only could it ease the presure to allow a
rc-patch to stay rc for longer, it would even out the load on you as
mainterner, as you could always accept new patches into the next pre-patch as
there will always be one. I.e you would only have to make decisions of
whether this patch is critical or not for the stable release or merely
something for the next release.
The disadvantage, might be that fewer hackers would test the rc, although
this could even out with the longer rc-period, and that you might see an
increase in your work-load if you both have the test the rc and maintain the
next release tree.

Anyway, just a random thought.
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