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SubjectAlign removeable media behaviour?
During the 2.5 cycle, I see we are going to remove ide-scsi.  This means 
Iomega are going to have to accept that ide-floppy works for ATAPI
Zip/PocketZip drives and they may wish to consider not trying to force
people to use ide-scsi any more. I guess they will want some IOCTLs
implemented to do this.

Rather than add yet more code to ide-floppy, (yes I know it needs
cleaning - if I ever get a 2.5.x to compile I may be able to do so),
should we consider aligning the behaviour of all removeable devices? I
know Jens is working on the ATAPI CD burning and MO drives, but we have
parallel port drives, USB, Firewire, ATAPI, SCSI, floppy and god knows
what else out there, all in different subsystems with different
maintainers. Should we attempt to have a common set of IOCTLs for ll
format, lock, unlock, eject, validate, grok_partitions etc etc?

It might be a lot easier for userland utilities to have a set of
expected behaviours and supported IOCTLs from the drivers.


Paul Bristow


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