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Subject2.4.17[16] USB problem
Hi all!
I recently see a strange USB problem which I find in 2.4.17 and 2.4.16 and
maybe even earlier.
What happens is that a special device attached via a USB HUB is not
detected anymore, specifically usb.c claims that it cannot set the new
The strange thing is:
- It worked with that device (Brainboxes Bluetooth USB dongle) with
earlier kernels.
- The device works when directly connected (and not via extra HUB).
- hub.c tells me that it HAS successfully assigned a new address to that
- And above all, only that special device is affected. All other devices I
have to test (USB mouse and USB webcam) work perfectly.

The error messages also show a strange behaviour of the Linux USB system:
Why does hub.c set the address and then usb.c tries the same again?

I am sure not I am not suffering the earlier mentioned "device not
accepting new address" problem due to interrupt routing problems (since
all other devices work and the machine I am using is a UP notebook).
And I am also sure that this device used to work connected to the HUB with
earlier USB releases.

So please if anyone has new insights on this problem please CC me since I
am not subscribed to lkml...
Many thanks in advance!
nils faerber

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