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SubjectRe: PATCH 2.5.4 i810_audio, bttv, working at all.

In the specific case mentioned in $subject, i810_audio has already been
fixed by Pete Zaitcev "the right way", and IIRC Gerd or somebody posted
a better patch for bttv, too. So $subject is actually taken care of...

"David S. Miller" wrote:
> And if nobody else ends up doing it, you are right it will be people
> like Jeff and myself doing it.

and have been doing it in the past :)

> So what we are asking is to allow a few weeks for that and not crap up
> the tree meanwhile. This is so that the cases that need to be
> converted are harder to find.

Yes, please..

> Actually, you're only half right in one regard. Most people I've
> pointed to Documentation/DMA-mapping.txt have responded "Oh, never saw
> that before, that looks easy to do. Thanks I'll fix it up properly
> for you."

I still get plenty of the "but virt_to_phys works fine for me" crowd too


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