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SubjectRe: another IDE cleanup: kill duplicated code
Andreas Dilger wrote:

>Well, then you have no idea about how the current LVM code works. The
>way it does everything is to read the data from disk, convert endianness
>and such, and then pass it to the kernel via IOCTL. I have no comment
>on whether this is a good or bad way to do it. The point is that the
>struct marked "core" which you are deleting this unused field from is
>filled in from user-space, so you can't just change it when you want.
>Rather than spending a lot of time breaking the kernel/user interface
>and forcing everyone using LVM to update their user tools, just leave
>this field in the struct. Feel free to remove the actual code that
>does the read-ahead if you want, but leave the lv_read_ahead field
Please note that there is *no* code doing any read-ahead there, which
could be removed.
There is just setting and passing around of the lv_read_ahead field,
without actually any
*results*. OK?

>in this struct alone. The entire LVM code is going to be replaced
>by either LVM2 (just entered beta) or EVMS (in beta for a while now).

Thank you for explaining this issue. It appears then that the comments
there are a bit missguiding.
I didn't look into the lvm user land code indeed. And the isn't even
#ifdef __KERNEL__ stuff
in lvm.h. Of course you are right, that one just should remove the code
and leave the layout
of the structure alone.

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