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SubjectRe: thread_info implementation

On Tue, 12 Feb 2002, Jeff Garzik wrote:

> ...or number 3, do a conversion to 2.5.4 thread_info then embed the task
> structure inside struct thread_info, like what was just done with VFS
> inodes.

That's possible.

> (embedding the general struct in the arch-specific struct would
> make sense to me, whereas I can definitely see how embedding the
> arch-specific struct in the general struct would be annoying)

It's not really the same, the private part of the inode is really private
to the specific fs. thread_info is arch specific, but it fields have to be
accessed by generic code. At compile time there is also always only one
thread_info contrary to vfs inodes.
Anyway, it's not really important which structure includes which, it just
has to be decided for all archs uniformly to get include dependencies

bye, Roman

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