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SubjectRe: emu10k1 - interrupt storm?
Jakub Travnik <> writes:

> Hello and sorry for replying late,
> I did experienced same problems with emu10k1 on 2.4.8 (as is in Mandrake 8.1).
> After modprobing emu10k1, interrupts per second (as reported by vmstat)
> start to increase and in few minutes they were as high as 70000 per second.
> rmmod-ing emu10k1 caused number of interrupts per second to slowly decrease.
> Following setting affected this:
> In BIOS setup, PCI options:
> Interrupts triggered by
> 1, edge
> 2, level

Unfortunately I don't have that setting in my BIOS.

> value 'edge' causes problems,
> value 'level' makes thing work without problems.

But anyway, emu10k1 on irq 5 already uses level type:

5: 5193 5183 IO-APIC-level EMU10K1

> If you are experiencing problems with this, set to 'level'.

Eventually, I forced esd to exit after few seconds of inactivity. That
way I at least don't have interrupt storms when I don't have any sound
output through esd.

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