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SubjectRe: What is a livelock? (was: [patch] sys_sync livelock fix)
Andrew Morton <> writes:

> livelock
> /li:v'lok/ n. A situation in which some critical stage of a task is
> unable to finish because its clients perpetually create more work
> for it to do after they have been serviced but before it can clear its
> queue. Differs from {deadlock} in that the process is not blocked or
> waiting for anything, but has a virtually infinite amount of work to
> do and can never catch up.

I still don't get it :-(. When there is more work, this more work
needs to be done. So, how could livelock be considered a bug? It's
just overload. Or is this about the work, which must be done _after_
the queue is empty?

Regards, Olaf.
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