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SubjectRe: thread_info implementation

David Mosberger <> wrote:
> David.H> What might be worth doing is to move the task_struct slab
> David.H> cache and (de-)allocator out of fork.c and to stick it in
> David.H> the arch somewhere. Then archs aren't bound to have the two
> David.H> separate. So for a system that can handle lots of memory,
> David.H> you can allocate the thread_info, task_struct and
> David.H> supervisor stack all on one very large chunk if you so
> David.H> wish.
> Could you do this? I'd prefer if task_info could be completely hidden
> inside the x86/sparc arch-specific code, but if things are set up such that
> we at least have the option to keep the stack, task_info, and task_struct in
> a single chunk of memory (and without pointers between them), I'd have much
> less of an issue with it.

Well, I can do a patch for it tomorrow (it's not particularly difficult to
actually do), but whether Linus'll take it is an entirely different matter.

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