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SubjectRe: another IDE cleanup: kill duplicated code
On Tuesday den 12 February 2002 11.52, Martin Dalecki wrote:
> If you are already at it, I would like to ask to you consider seriously
> the removal of the
> following entries in the ide drivers /proc control files:
> [snip]
> ide_add_setting(drive, "file_readahead", ...
> &max_readahead[major][minor], NULL);
> Those calls can be found in ide-cd.c, ide-disk,c and ide-floppy.c
> [snip]
> The second of them is trying to control a file-system level constant
> inside the actual block device driver.
> This is a blatant violation of the layering principle in software
> design, and should go as soon as
> possible.

It really should go (the only one working is for ide-disk) but
you need to add another way to tune readahead per disk too...

Tuning this parameter gives quite a bit improved performance
when reading from several big files at a time! A diff of two big files
is enough to show it: from 10MB/s to 25MB/s (2.4.17-rc1)
(due to less time lost seeking)


Roger Larsson
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