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SubjectRe: nm256_audio.o
On Tue, 2002-02-12 at 16:14, Bruce Harada wrote:
> On 12 Feb 2002 16:02:15 +0000
> NyQuist <> wrote:
> > Hi
> > I've a problem with this module. For some reason it locks up my laptop
> > when modprobed. I'm running redhat's 2.4.7-10 on an i686 and i'm using
> > the neomagic 256 chipset which I believe is a graphics/sound combination
> > (with 4 meg or so of mem), the comp is a dell latitude ls.
> > The card does work, as it runs under the commercial oss drivers, thing
> > is because the machine locks tight running the kernel 256_audio, I can't
> > get any debug information, the machine has to be physically
> > unplugged/debatteried (lucky I run ext3 :) Not even a messages error.
> > Anyone with any info? I'm gonna have a look and try to debug, but i'm no
> > kernel hacker.
> A vague memory of when I used to use a neomagic-based laptop tells me that you
> might want to try giving lilo (or whatever bootmanager you're using) a
> parameter to limit your memory to 1MB less than your actual memory... although
> this is from way back in 2.2.[789] days, I think. (For lilo, that would mean
> typing mem=xxxM or adding append="mem=xxxM" to /etc/lilo.conf, where xxx is
> your total RAM minus 1.)
Still not working, but thanks for the info anyway. Tried with 1,2 and a
couple of megs down from the physical memory from meminfo, but still no
dice. Afaik, i remember something about the memory of the graphics and
audio being shared, and since X cuts in first, it gobbles the memory up.
Not sure about that one as it still doesn't work if i run init3 and kill

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