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SubjectRe: thread_info implementation
On Mon, 11 Feb 2002, David S. Miller wrote:
> Where's the problem to compute them automatically?
> It requires ugly scripts that parse assembler files if you want it to
> work in a cross compilation requirement. Check out
> arch/sparc64/kernel/ and the "check_asm" rule in the
> Makefile or the same directory in older trees to see what I mean.

We cross-compile all the time and don't have to parse assembler-files,
just compile a c-file and include the resulting asm into entry.S:

/* linux/arch/cris/entryoffsets.c
* Copyright (C) 2001 Axis Communications AB
* Generate structure offsets for use in entry.S. No extra processing
* needed more than compiling this file to assembly code. Horrendous
* assembly code will be generated, so don't look at that.
* Authors: Hans-Peter Nilsson (


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