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SubjectRe: unix sockets problems in 2.5.4-pre6?
   From: Oleg Drokin <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 11:19:04 +0300

Just tried 2.5.4-pre6 and got hung postfix "master" process which I cannot
kill in RUNNABLE state. Here is traces of all postfix processes at the time:

pickup Z C212E180 48 522 520 523 (L-TLB)
Call Trace: [do_exit+745/784] [sys_exit+14/16] [syscall_call+7/11]
qmgr S F70FBF30 48 523 520 524 522 (NOTLB)
Call Trace: [schedule_timeout+128/160] [process_timeout+0/16] [do_select+470/544] [sys_select+832/1152] [syscall_call+7/11]
tlsmgr S F70F5F30 8944 524 520 523 (NOTLB)
Call Trace: [schedule_timeout+128/160] [process_timeout+0/16] [do_select+470/544] [sys_select+832/1152] [syscall_call+7/11]
master R F773F744 48 520 900 524 (NOTLB)
Call Trace: [__write_lock_failed+9/32] [] [unix_create+92/112] [sock_map_fd+12/304] [select_bits_free+10/16]
[sys_socket+29/96] [sys_socket+48/96] [sys_socketcall+99/512] [syscall_call+7/11]

Hope this will help someone to nail a problem

It doesn't help. You need to find the backtrace of the other process
holding the lock the AF_UNIX code wants as well, dumping just these
few processes isn't enough.

Franks a lot,
David S. Miller
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