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SubjectLinux 2.5.4-dj1
Mostly compile fixes, and a point-release resync.
Diffsize hasn't come down as much as I expected, so I'll push a few
of the larger chunks to Linus tomorrow.

Patch against 2.5.4 vanilla is available from:

-- Davej.

o Merge 2.5.4
o Fix inverted parameters in NCR5380 (Rasmus Andersen)
o NSC Geode Companion chip workaround. (Hiroshi MIURA)
| TODO: Nuke the CONFIG option, replace with
| PCI detection.
o Improve kiobuf_init performance. (Various Intel folks)
o uidhash cleanup. (William Lee Irwin III)
o Fix /proc 'read past end of buffer' bug. (Thomas Hood)
o PnPBIOS updates (ESCD support). (Thomas Hood)
o signal.c missing binfmt include compile fix. (Udo A. Steinberg)
o thread_saved_pc compile fix. (Andrew Morton)
o Various reiserfs updates. (Oleg Drokin, Namesys)
o Fix UP Preempt compilation. (Mikael Pettersson)
o Kill sleep_on in Olympic TR driver. (Mike Phillips)
o Drop 64bit DRM fixes.
o Fix zftape compile. (Me)
o Hack around synclink non-compile. (Me)

o Merge 2.5.4pre5
o Add some missing MODULE_LICENSE tags (Hubert Mantel)
o Fix ptrace PEEKUSR oops. (Manfred Spraul, others)
o Drop some bogus bits from USB & netdrivers. (Me)
o sbpcd bio fixes. (Paul Gortmaker)
o pci id trigraph warning fixes. (Steven J. Hill)
o Tridentfb resource management fixes. (Geert Uytterhoeven)
o 53c700 locking cleanup. (James Bottomley)
o Workaround ext2 trying to free block -1 (Andreas Dilger)
o Fix up deviceio Docbook generation. (Jason Ferguson)
o removal of isa_read/writes from ibmtr. (Mike Phillips)
o kthread abstraction. (Christoph Hellwig)

Dave Jones.
SuSE Labs.
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