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SubjectRe: A7M266-D works?
> I'm considering to buy ASUS A7M266-D mobo and wondering if there is fix for
> the APIC problems or is there workaround to get that mobo work? If it not
> currently, is there some estimate if it will work in near future?

The current status on the board I'm using

- The BIOS appears to misconfigure the PCI setup badly, so badly I've
been sticking in PCI quirk fixups to make some drivers work
- MP 1.4 locks solid MP 1.1 is ok - that may be a Linux bug. I have a
patch to test there
- The onboard USB was removed and swapped for a plug in card wasting
a slot (but you do get USB2 now). The manual wasn't updated
- The disk led appears to be marked wrongly. If you wire it the
board won't POST
- If you put a 33Mhz card in the 64bit slots the board won't POST
unless you configure the board the way the manual suggests you don't
- Expect to want > 400W PSU if you have lots of disks. I ended up
using a 550W PSU
- Use a _BIG_ case. With anything but a large tower and actual
case fans you are not going to get enough ventilation or cable

Having said all that - when you figure through the mess that ASUS calls
QA and documentation (and they should be firing people for shipping it in
its current state quite frankly) it goes like a bat out of hell. With dual
Athlon 1800MP+ processors and hardware raid for the filestore and swap its
building the entirity of XFree86 in 30 minutes wall time (5 of which are
doing non parallelisable work and 5 or so of which are spent in I/O wait)

Nice hardware, lousy docs, dreadful BIOS.
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