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SubjectRe: Linux 2.5.4 Sound Driver Problem
> Try to do this. Open drivers/sound/, and find YMFPCI
> tristate, then delete $CONFIG_SOUND_OSS from that line.
> Edit .config, and remove CONFIG_SOUND_OSS. Rerun make oldconfig,
> when prompted for CONFIG_SOUND_OSS, say N. This should work.

if [ "$CONFIG_SOUND_OSS" = "y" -o "$CONFIG_SOUND_OSS" = "m" ]; then
bool ' Verbose initialisation' CONFIG_SOUND_TRACEINIT
bool ' Persistent DMA buffers' CONFIG_SOUND_DMAP

The YMFPCI option was in the body of the above if statement, so I had
to move it out of there to be able to enable it without enabling
CONFIG_SOUND_OSS. I hope this is what you meant.

> I use monolithic kernels on 2.4, but on 2.5 it is officially
> discouraged, so I gave up on it.

To what granularity? I use the hardware as a rule of thumb: if the
the hardware supported is fixed, then I put it in the kernel.
Should I compile everything as modules?

However, I did hear something about everything being a module in 2.6
because the kernel will eventually use initramfs or something...

Anyway, this is a different thread. But I would like to hear your rule
of thumb for when you compile things as a module...

> I do not see ANYTHING in 2.5.4 Makefiles that depended on
> CONFIG_SOUND_GAMEPORT. This option only works to restric
> some configurations choices, but it does not control any
> compilations. Seems like a deadwood to me. Just kill it too.

I kill it but make oldconfig enables it right back :).
I'll look through in a bit.

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