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SubjectRe: pci_pool reap?

On Mon, 11 Feb 2002, Alan Cox wrote:

> > There is a certain controversy about pci_free_consistent called
> > from an interrupt. It seems that most architectures would
> > have no problems, and only arm is problematic. RMK says that
> The discussion was about pci_alloc_consistent. The free case seems to be
> explicitly disallowed in all cases.
> (from DMA-mapping.txt)
> To unmap and free such a DMA region, you call:
> pci_free_consistent(dev, size, cpu_addr, dma_handle);
> where dev, size are the same as in the above call and cpu_addr and
> dma_handle are the values pci_alloc_consistent returned to you.
> This function may not be called in interrupt context.

Such limitation looks poor implementation to me.

At least, could existing driver interface be clearly documented about what
methods may/may not/might/should/shall/ever will/never will/ etc.. be
called in interrupt context or whatever context and what others may be
called... a different way :-).


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