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SubjectRe: Linux 2.5.4 Sound Driver Problem
Alan Cox wrote:
>>>The sound_alloc_dmap() function in dmabuf.c must be changed from using
>>>__get_free_pages() and virt_to_bus() -> pci_alloc_consistent().
>>What the hell are you talking about, I changed it long ago.
>>Linus uses ymfpci on his Crusoe Picturebook with no problems.
>>What is your kernel version?
> In the ymfpci case its not the sound_alloc_dmap (at least not in 2.4 but
> 2.5 might be out of date except in -dj). Its the use of virt_to_bus still
> rather than the handles returned from the pci api

I am looking at both 2.5.4 and 2.4.18-pre9.

In my copy of sound_alloc_dmap(), I see a direct call to
__get_free_pages to allocate the buffer and a call to virt_to_bus. I
just thought that this could be cleared up by using pci_alloc_consistent
(since this function will call __get_free_pages anyway and eliminates
the need to use virt_to_bus).

Anyway, I'm not sure I understand this. I know using the virt_to_bus is
wrong, but why would we use __get_free_pages() here? (This is not a
rhetorical question, I honestly want to learn).

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