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SubjectRe: [PATCH] BUG preserve registers
On Sun, 10 Feb 2002, Andrew Morton wrote:
> >
> > I think I'm done with this now.
> Famous last words. There's a slightly updated version at

Thanks for taking this on, Andrew. A lot of nice work, but...

1. I'd be sorry to see it go in as is: you haven't noticed how this
looks to a disassembler: not pretty! I don't see an alternative
to wasting some more bytes: putting "push"es in front of line and
file? or is there one instruction (some "mov"?) to encompass both
line and file together?

2. Was change from "kernel BUG at %s:%d!\n" to "Kernel BUG at %s:%d\n"
intentional? I'd have thought leave it as was.

3. This probably falls right outside your brief, and I do not want
to stoke a flamewar about .config in kernel, but let me mention:
the oops info would be significantly more helpful if it showed
the version of compiler used, and whether CONFIG_SMP e.g. so we
can quickly see which of the page_cache_releases in shrink_cache
gave rise to some error, without trying out assorted compilers
and configs - BUGVERBOSE was a nuisance for that too, now remedied.
(Personally, I'd also like to know whether NOHIGHMEM, HIGHMEM4G or
HIGHMEM64G, but that may reflect my own interests too much, and
open floodgates to endless such requests.) Of course such info can
be supplied by reporters, at the time or later, but nice if it were
there by default like "Tainted". Ignore me unless you feel the same.

4. In your patch removing BUGs from inlines, I suggest you delete
bug_in_interrupt: it's only used in asm/highmem.h (hmm, you check
in_interrupt once before it, and again inside it), and those
checks are much better moved into mm/highmem.c kmap_high and
kunmap_high themselves - I already gave Andrea a patch with that
change, and that part he approved. And since you're attacking
skbuff.h, I think you can then remove interrupt.h from highmem.h,
but include it in skbuff.h: if I remember rightly, skbuff.h is the
only file which assumes interrupt.h has already been included by
highmem.h. But again, ignore all these remarks unless they chime
with your own desires - I shouldn't be playing backseat janitor
with your time.

(Aside to Marcelo: if you're hesitant to put Andrew's changes into
2.4.18, please consider my original asm do_BUG version: it would be
a pity if 2.4.18 went out still destroying registers when BUGVERBOSE,
just because a better implementation is on the way.)


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