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SubjectRe: 2.5.4, cs46xx snd, and virt_to_bus
Tom Gall wrote:
> Hi All,
> Well forgive me for not being up on the lastest news but from building
> 2.5.4 kernel for my box, which uses the cs46xx.c sound driver, it would
> appear that virt_to_bus and bus_to_virt has gone the way of the do-do.
> What's the correct method now?
> Be nice to get this cleaned up....
> Regards,
> Tom

Use pci_alloc_consistent() to allocate the buffer. This function
returns the right thing so that virt_to_bus() is no longer needed.

From what I read, it looks like pci_alloc_consistent returns a pci
address and a physical address (via dma_addr_t), so it should be simple
to change the code to use this function. However, I don't know where
the hell I'm supposed to find pci_dev -- I'll try rereading the
driver-model.txt code again :).

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