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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5.3-dj5 synclink.c fix so that it compiles
> This is a temp fix for thje synclink.c file in drivers/char it work's for
> so DJ will you please apply this patch.
> Thank you Victor Torres.
> All it does it removes the #error please convert me to
> Documentation/DMA-mapping.txt
> it compiles and work's great for me.
> Please apply

There is nothing in the DMA-mapping.txt that
applies to the PCI version of the synclink adapter
(which does not do DMA to/from system memory).

The ISA version of the synclink adapter does do
ISA DMA bus master transfers. After reading
DMA-mapping.txt twice it is unclear what changes
need to be applied. The documentation seems to imply
that ISA devices need to make some pci_xxx calls.
I'm not sure how this works when there is no PCI bus.

For now, removing the #error line should work fine
for the PCI adapter and probably for the ISA as well.

I will look at this again as time allows.

I usually wait 6-12 months after the new development
kernel opens before attempting to sync my drivers
to the latest changes. This avoids most of the eat-your-file-system
phase, prevents wasting time chasing after a rapidly changing API,
and still leaves another 12 months for tweaking.

Paul Fulghum,
Microgate Corporation,

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