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SubjectRe: Transaction TCP patch for Linux
On Mon, Feb 11, 2002 at 12:50:02AM +0800, Laurence wrote:
> I'd like to be emailed comments or replies personally.
> Transaction TCP is an extension for TCP. Its performance advantage is
> indisputably better than standard TCP. But only FreeBSD integrates
> TTCP into its kernel. So, I've started T/TCP for Linux at
> or
> I'm writing the kernel
> patch for Linux kernel 2.4.2. Is anyone interested in it or have
> anything to say about T/TCP's pros and cons??

There Mark Smith shows that T/TCP does not (in all error cases)
act the _same_ as TCP, although that does not necessarily mean
it would be wrong.

Reading W.R.Stevens' book "TCP/IP Illustriated, Volume 3"
gives a glimpse of how BSD did things in NET/3 code back
in early 1994-1996, and there I see many odd bits like
per-host route entires containing support data..

> Besides, I've finished some basic codes involving:
> 1. new structures
> 2. newly created or modified funtions mainly related to receiving
> If anyone is interested, tell me and I'll send the codes. I don't want
> to upload the codes in CVS at this moment. At least, I want to have a
> basic but compile-able one.

/Matti Aarnio
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