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SubjectOT: Penguinspotting at LAS

This is very offtopic guys, so please excuse me, but this was so
one-off, I had to bring it up.

I was with a friend of mine, going through his checklist (inspecting)
for his plane at McCarran Int'l here in Vegas. While listening to the ATC
tower with my scanner, I caught the takeoff clearance for a Learjet, and a
Citation, off of runway 1L (facing north, towards the Hard Rock Hotel, for
those knowing their way around the place).

Normally, I wouldn't give this a second thought, until I saw the
planes, both of which, on their tailfin, had Tux (yep, Tux!) for their
logo/emblem. These flights came from the SoCal area, as LAS is one of those
airports private planes have to stop at for inspection (the security hype for
SLC. of from NoCal, they would have stopped at Boise, ID). I was just
wondering if anyone here knew who they might have been, or if I were just
seeing things from having one too many Mai Tais last night. :)

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