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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] compatibility syscall layer (lets try again)

    On Fri, 6 Dec 2002, Jim Houston wrote:
    > I know it would be a few extra lines of assembly code but it would be
    > nice if the restart routine had the original arguments.

    It's not even extra code on x86, since we don't stomp on any of the
    arguments, and they will all have the same values when returning. So on
    x86, we could see the arguments by just adding parameters to the
    sys_restart_syscall() function.

    However, the same is not necessarily true on other architectures, where
    there can be overlap between clobbers and arguments (so that the first
    invocation of the system call may have trashed the arguments unless it
    explicitly saves it), and that's the reason I don't want to expose the
    original ones.

    Also, I actually much prefer the arguments to be saved away in the restart
    block for another reason too - because that way you can _trust_ them. The
    restart function basically knows that the arguments are truly the same
    that were saved away - if you allow the register contents from user space
    to be re-used, clever 'ptrace()' usage will be able to change the

    In other words, with the current setup, we can actually have hidden kernel
    state inside the restart block, and it never gets leaked to/from user
    space. That's potentially quite useful in itself (you can cache argument


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