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SubjectRe: is KERNEL developement finished, yet ???
Shane Helms writes:
> But, if you're implying that we can start once again from bottom, and come up
> with something better that unix (which has been opensource, around for long
> while, tested and developed by many as well) I _HIGHLY_ doubt, and disagree.
> I doubt there be any such errors (mistakes) if ANY. but then, i'm not a kernel
> developer, and new to this whole mailing list !!

Signal delivery on the current stack as opposed to a process-global
or per-signal sigaltstack is broken as hell. It messes up user-space
code that uses customised stack management methods.

sigaction() with SA_ONSTACK is unreliable because in reality applications
have linked-in libraries, and those libraries have no standard way of
knowing whether the main application wants SA_ONSTACK or not.

LD_PRELOAD:ing your own sigaction() is also unreliable, because C libs
tend to have internal calls that bypass the external name and go directly
to the internal __libc_sigaction() or whatever it happens to be called.

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