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SubjectRe: [2.5.50, ACPI] link error

> > Doesn't that imply your fix is broken to begin with?
> ACPI/S4 support needs swsusp. ACPI/S3 needs big part of
> swsusp. Splitting CONFIG_ACPI_SLEEP to S3 and S4 part seems like
> overdesign to me, OTOH if you do the work it is okay with me.

You broke the design. S3 support was developed long before swsusp was in
the kernel, and completely indpendent of it. It should have remained that

S3 support is a subset of what is need for S4 support.

swsusp is an implementation of S4 support. In theory, there could be
multiple implementations that all use the same core (saving/restoring

There could also be different power management schemes that use swsusp as
an implementation for suspend-to-disk. But, that's another tangent.

CONFIG_ACPI_SLEEP should give you S3 support, and the ACPI side of S4
support. The comment in the config option should tell the user that they
must choose a suspend implementation (e.g. CONFIG_SUSPEND, which should
prolly be CONFIG_SWAP_SUSPEND) in order to get complete S4 support. (The
ACPI side can make an empty call to swsusp if no implementation is

Some time ago, I made a BK repo for suspend support. I axed it, since no
one ever used it. But, it's back again, and I'll be integrating your
patches and try to dedicate a few extra cycles to resolving some of the
issues. I'll send an announcement to the list once I've integrated your


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