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    SubjectRe: [OT] ipv4: how to choose src ip?
    Richard B. Johnson wrote:
    > On Thu, 5 Dec 2002, Tomas Szepe wrote:

    >>I'm not interested in rewriting the source address with netfilter based
    >>on destination and/or service; What I'm looking for is rather a way to
    >>initiate two connections to the same destination host using the two
    >>different source IP addresses.
    > The simple answer is that if you need a specific IP address
    > associated with a "multi-honed" host, that has only one interface,
    > then something is broken. And you get to keep the pieces.

    > The IP addresses assigned to a multi-honed host are the addresses
    > to which it will respond during ARP. The ARP (Address Resolution
    > Protocol) you remember, is the protocol used to get the "hardware"
    > or IEEE station address of the interface.
    > Any IP protocol will properly work with any IP address embedded in
    > the packet from the interface that responded to the ARP.
    > However, the IP address inside the data-gram will usually be
    > the IP address of the interface that first sent that packet.
    > The IP address used is the address of the interface that met
    > the necessary criteria for getting the data-gram onto the wire.
    > In other words, the net-mask and the network address are the
    > determining factors. If you have two or more IP addresses that
    > are capable of putting the data-gram on the wire, the first one,
    > i.e., the address used to initialize the interface first, will
    > be the one that is used in out-going packets.

    You may be able to influence this with policy-based routing and
    the arp-filter code.

    > Since you don't bind a socket to a specific IP address when
    > initiating connections, you can't chose what IP address will
    > be used for those connections. However, when setting up
    > a server that will accept connections, you bind that socket
    > to both an IP address and a port. Therefore, a server can
    > be created that accepts connections only to a specific IP
    > address of a multi-honed host.

    You certainly can bind to a specific IP and/or port when initiating
    a connection. You can use the local IP to do source-based routing.

    I have not done exactly the thing described here, but I have done
    similar things, certainly binding to ports & ips on both server
    and initiator side of an IP connection.

    > There is no RightWay(tm) because any attempt to choose a specific
    > IP to on the wire from a machine that has only one interface, but
    > is multi-honed, is broken at the start. However, you can chose where

    I think you presume too much about what other people might consider
    broken or not. :)

    Ben Greear <> <Ben_Greear AT>
    President of Candela Technologies Inc

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