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SubjectRe: is KERNEL developement finished, yet ???
In article <000901c29c5d$6d194760$2e833841@joe>,
Joseph D. Wagner <> wrote:
>Unix (and Linux) developers are far too concerned with clinging to the
>30-year-old outdated POSIX standard, which creates numerous problems when
>trying to advance new features.


Only stupid people think they should throw away old proven concepts.
What happens quite often in academia in particular is that you find a
problem you want to fix, and you re-design the whole system around your

This is how we get crap like microkernels. They have "an agenda", and
that's the _worst_ thing you can have when designing software. You
fixate on some perceived problem, and the end result is that yes, maybe
you fixed _that_ problem, but in the meantime you also generated a whole
new of issues - usually things that were solved by the original

The UNIX/Linux approach is a very pragmatic thing - leave the things
that work well alone. There's no point in re-inventing the whole system
just because of some small perceived flaws.

>This is not a design flaw per say, but let's face it: Unix would be a lot
>more secure (and more flexible in it's security) with ACL's.
>Microsoft Windows has had ACL's since 1991 (Windows NT 3.5?); that was 11
>years ago.

Yeah, and look how much more secure it is than UNIX.

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