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SubjectIde problems

I've been buggered with multiple lockups of an med/heavily loaded 2.4.19
(also rc-series) and same server with 2.4.20. Machine is running
normally for a week or two, then IDE light is lit and processes are
stuck in D state (if any disk activity is required -> freezed process).
I'm using (ide-) software raid 1 and 5, tested with raid 1 alone and
same lockup-problem appears.

So, IDE-light is continuously lit but the disks are not reading nor
writing. Emergency sync nor the unmount is working. I'm guessing the
IDE-code (eh, raid too) might be cause of this.
- No OOM situation have been observed, there's been lots of free ram at
the time of each lockup.
- Processes with no disk activity are not affected (for examples vmstat
1 runs ok if started before lockup)

Currently I'm thinking of falling back to .18 with hopes of no more

Any similar experiences?


PS. An extremely useful feature would be a method to freeze raid resync
until fsck is finished. Now, when both are running at the same time
server's boot speed is miserable.
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