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SubjectRe: Why is Nvidia given GPL'd code to use in closed source drivers?
A Guy Called Tyketto wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 01, 2003 at 03:13:00AM +0000, wrote:
>>no Nvidias drivers arent like coal because coal is useful for fires, what
>>happens when Nvidia decide those cards are too old? But just new enough
>>to not show the competition their code, Nvidia are a drain on the community
>>with nothing useful to show for it.
>>Dean. Three ways to kill yourself, and ive been drove in one...
> Then why complain about it? Don't buy NVidia cards! if you don't like
> what they're doing with the code and the drivers, don't buy or use their
> product. Simple as that. There's always ATI, SiS, and many other cards with
> fully GPL coded drivers for it. Just because one may think that NVidia is the
> best card out on the market, doesn't mean (unfortunately) they have to
> accomodate every OS that uses it, and do it the same way that every other
> company does. You have a choice, but also, so do they.
> I have an SiS 315E card in my box, and it works great, and haven't
> looked at any other card since installing it.
> BL.
Note: "you" is everyone complaining about nvidia not gpl'ing their drivers.

Gotta agree with that. You get along much better in life not believing
you deserve this and that. Nobody owes you driver support because they
make hardware. And bullying companies to do so makes you no better than
they are when they bully other companies out of business, buy them out
and use their advanced ideas in their crappy products.

Apparently nvidia is the graphics leader because people dont know how to
write accelerated graphics code for nvidia chipsets. And apparently it
has little to do with engineering the card and chips and manufacturing
those pieces and assembling them. And apparently they're better
protected by software laws from someone stealing their hard work and
making products without having to spend R&D on it than laws on copying
various hardware patents and such.

going to a company and telling them they have to agree with your beliefs
is a quick way to get absolutely nothing. Nvidia has survived before
linux became the big deal on wallstreet and news. They can survive quite
well with windows users alone. They dont need linux user support. So
how is trying to boycott nvidia products up in anger and sending angry
emails going to help you get what you want? You dont have the market
power needed to make that work. It just makes companies see linux as a
bunch of spoiled brats complaining when they dont get what they want and
throwing a tantrum.

We allow certain binary-only modules in the linux kernel. That has been
long established and it's the end of the story. This is brought up
like every year and it ends the same way. You dont like what nvidia does
then dont buy their stuff, but going around and trying to tell other
people to do so is counterproductive and foolish. We dont have the
leverage and pretending you do makes every step closer we were to
gaining support inside nvidia turn into a step backwards. Why should
they give their drivers away gpl? What is the gain in that? Show them
the gain and hope they come around.

What are their motives in not going gpl? has anyone asked them that?
People assume it's out of security for their product but there is no
precident for them to be worried about that and it sounds silly.

If you are bothered by the license the drivers you use are under then
why did you buy nvidia in the first place? I always buy my hardware
based on linux support. If i had hardware that wasn't well supported or
needed special binary modules i'd trade it with a friend or sell it on
ebay and get something that didn't. With a new nvidia card you cant go
saying you're too poor to get anything else. So you get a piece of
hardware that you know is not supported by gpl drivers well and then
complain about it?

There is always the old way of reverse engineering the hardware and
continuing the gpl nvidia driver support. It's much harder but it's
still done. The need for gpl support must not be that high to get people
motivated to dive into that mess yet so I dont see much motivation on
nvidia's side to change how they do things.

ok. dead horse 0 people 1. no doubt a rematch will proceed.

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