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SubjectRe: [CFT] arch/alpha: Makefiles update
On Mon, Dec 30, 2002 at 12:53:36PM +0100, Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> +# If ALPHA_GENERIC, make sure to turn off any instruction set extensions
> +# that the host compiler might have on by default. Given that EV4 and EV5
> +# have the same instruction set, prefer EV5 because an EV5 schedule is
> +# more likely to keep an EV4 processor busy than vice-versa.
> +
> +# Default value
> +mach-yy := ev56
> +mach-$(have_mcpu_pca56)$(have_mcpu_pca56) := pca56
> +
> +#Machine depedent values, influenced by gcc capabilitites
> +mach-$(CONFIG_ALPHA_SX164)$(have_mcpu_pca56) := pca56
> +mach-$(CONFIG_ALPHA_POLARIS)$(have_mcpu_pca56) := pca56
> +mach-$(CONFIG_ALPHA_EV67)$(have_mcpu_ev67) := ev67
> +
> +mach-y := $(mach-yy)
> +mach-$(CONFIG_ALPHA_GENERIC) := ev5
> +mach-$(CONFIG_ALPHA_EV4) := ev4
> +mach-$(CONFIG_ALPHA_EV56) := ev56
> +mach-$(CONFIG_ALPHA_EV5) := ev5
> +mach-$(CONFIG_ALPHA_EV6) := ev6

This doesn't work. For example CONFIG_ALPHA_EV67 depends on
CONFIG_ALPHA_EV6, so we'll never use the -mcpu=ev67 flag.

I'm reverting this part. I see nothing wrong with an if/else
tree for this. It's straightforward. I think anything you come
up with to replace it will be harder to understand at a glance,
and therefore more fragile.

> +# My special boot (msb) writes directly to a specific disk partition,
> +# I doubt most people will want to do that without changes..
> +msb srmboot: vmlinux
> + $(Q)$(MAKE) -f scripts/ obj=$(boot) $@

I've just removed these targets.

I'm testing the rest of the patch now. Will apply if successful.

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