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    SubjectRe: [Linux-fbdev-devel] Type confusion in fbcon

    > I'm in the midst of porting sa1100fb over to the new fb API, and I stumbled
    > across an apparant confusion over the type of fb_info->pseudo_palette.
    > Some code appears to think its an unsigned long, others think its u32.
    > This doesn't make much difference when sizeof(unsigned long) == sizeof(u32)
    > but this isn't always the case (eg, 64-bit architectures).

    It show be u32 instead of unsinged long in color_imageblit. Thanks. Fixed.

    > I'll get back to bashing the sa1100fb driver to work out why fbcon is
    > producing a _completely_ blank display, despite characters being written
    > to it.

    Did you figure out what was wrong?

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