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SubjectRe: [PATCH] rmap15a incremental diff against 2.4.20-ac1
* Rik van Riel <> [021202 13:52]:

>>There was no inconsistency but in three spots.

>Your changes look good. Maybe the lookup_swapcache() thing would
>be more beautiful, but it's equivalent to the code you've got in
>place. Your patch should just work.

There are a couple issues, e.g. in mm/filemap.c, in the patchset I sent.
I'll be looking into it today. I hope to send something within a few
hours. But since tomorrow morning I'm moving, and I'm now packaging et
all, I might have no time to finish it today. In that case until
Wednesday I don't think I'll be able to continue on it...

>>Feel free to try it. I'm running it right now and so far no problems.
>>The vm usage has definitely improved, but there are still slight stalls
>>when there's a high disk io. Say, in periods of ~2-3s the system stopped
>>responding for a few cents of a sec, as if it had tachycardia.

>That's probably the disk IO scheduler.

Yeah, definitely. I'm following the other thread on 2.4.20-rmap15a and
the dl hack. Let's see if we -you really, I'm not yet contributing
anything- can make 2.4.20 work smoothly.

Javier Marcet <>
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