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    SubjectLinux-2.4.20: bug with radeonfb
    Environment:	gcc-2.95.4, latest dev tools from Debian "Sarge"( testing )
    Kernel: 2.4.20 + patch-2.4.20-ac1 from
    Machine: i386 (intel P4-M/1700 ) / 512MB DDR266, chipset i845MP
    Graphics subsystem: ATI Radeon M7, 64MB DDR
    Samsung LTN-1050 flatpanel, 1400x1050 physical resolution (DVI connection)

    First of all, i must congratulate all kernel developers for this wonderful
    work-of-art which Linux is and will continue to be :) Thanks for making
    this world a little better!

    On to the point:

    i845MP chipset supported ( didn't previously work ). ICH3 & co. detected
    and used. Some minor details left, though :)
    UDMA100 enabled and working

    "No Go's":
    Radeon M7 AGP:
    - Framebuffer: unreadable output ( did work _perfectly_ with Linux-2.4.19 ).
    Looks like there's a bug somewhere in the rendering code( kernel
    autodetects and configures a 175x65 framebuffer, as previously):
    output seems to be "misplaced" -- might be a little assumption when
    calculating line offsets.
    Text lines, although bent to the right( 60º angle or so ), look _extremely
    long_ (might be a wrong appreciation)
    "Tux" logo is unrecogniceable too :(

    - DRM 4.1( v20020828 ) works nicely with XFree 4.2.1
    - Xvid extension works

    dmesg gives this ( double-checked with 2.4.19 ): relevant sections are
    identical to 2.4.19
    Pentium 4 Mobility - stepping 04
    ref_clk=2700, ref_div=12, xclk=16600 from BIOS
    Samsung LTN-1050P1-L02 flatpanel
    DFP 1400x1050 from BIOS
    Radeon M7 LW DDR SGRAM 64MB
    colour framebuffer 175x65

    Feel free to ask for whatever config detail i might have forgotten to add.
    I'm not sure if i will have time enough to contribute (part of) a patch --
    gotta leave some time for lunch and sleep ;) Wouldn't mind to help, however.

    Please CC any relevant messages to me. Sorry for not subscribing, but i
    already receive 300+ e-mails daily :-|


    All my other computers run Linux.
    This is an split-personality machine ;)

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