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SubjectRe: Notification hooks
On Thu, 19 Dec 2002, Joseph Fannin wrote:

| On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 09:24:15AM -0800, Larry McVoy wrote:
| >
| > Just for or for the openlogging tree? To remind people,
| > has Linus/Marcelo trees but has the
| > union of all trees anywhere in the world. And openlogging doesn't have
| > contents, it just has comments.
| Sorry to hijack this thread like this, but I can't find a better
| forum for it.
| Several times I have browsed linux source trees at and
| found a changeset I have wanted to have as a patch. I can search for
| the changeset, and read the commit messages, and even read the patch
| on the screen, but there is no good way to download that patch as a
| file (viewing the page source doesn't help because the patch has html
| markup interspersed with it).
| The only way to get the patch is to either 'scrape' the screen
| with copy and paste and try to fix the broken whitespace or to use bk
| to clone the entire tree and extract the patch via bk export. It's a
| real pain, and for no good reason I can see.
| Would it be possible to add a link to the pages to an
| un-marked up changeset patch? It would be great to have this for
| trees other than too -- like Dave Jones'
| for example.

Have you looked at the (text-mode) csets at

Who generates these?


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