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SubjectRe: Dedicated kernel bug database
--On Thursday, December 19, 2002 06:59:30 PM -0500 Pete Zaitcev <> wrote:

>> Why are bugs automatically assigned to owners?
>> If there was an unassigned category that would make it
>> easy to query.
> Query for "NEW" status for a component and do not put anything
> into "owner" fireld.

If there was a NEW field that would be exactly what I was
asking for. When I do a query the only options I see are: OPEN,
Where is the NEW? Is there somewhere else to do queries?

>> Also a list of people who arent maintainers but are available to help
>> could be useful for the owners to assign bugs to.
> That's putting a cart in front of a horse. Such people have
> to execute a simple Bugzilla to get lists, then select bugs
> which they like. This way the overhead of maintaining such
> lists disappears instantly.

Im trying to help make it easier for such people to get a list
of bugs to start working on. If it looks like everything already
has an owner it looks like there is nothing to do. Im just trying
to figure out how to use it and hopefully help other people
do the same thing.

Thanks a lot.

Hanna (obviously not a bugzilla user before)

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