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    SubjectRe: Dedicated kernel bug database
    --On Thursday, December 19, 2002 07:24:19 PM -0500 Pete Zaitcev <> wrote:

    > I see the point. I would say, having an owner does not mean
    > much. Owner is just a person who makes sure bugs do not get lost.
    > You can work on my bugs if you'd like :)

    Well thank you :) My argument is that there should be a
    way USING THE TOOL to determine which bugs are available to be
    worked on. Do you seriously want 2000 people emailing you privately
    asking if you are working on your bugs? I suspect since this bugzilla
    is so brand new that there should be something the database people
    can do to facilitate this.
    I agree there should be people making sure the bugs don't get
    ignored, but do they have to be assigned as owners? Could there
    be a hierarchical set up of subsystem maintainer contact and
    then actual bug owner?


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