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    SubjectRe: "bio too big" error
    Wil Reichert wrote:
    > Exact error with debug is:
    > darwin:/a01/mp3s/Skinny Puppy/Too Dark Park# ogg123 -q 01\ -\
    > Convulsion.ogg
    > bio too big device ide0(3,4) (256 > 255)
    > Call Trace: [<c020055e>] [<e09ff46d>] [<e09ff558>] [<e09ff5f5>]
    > [<c020050a>] [<c02005f4>] [<c017048e>] [<c0170a79>] [<c0187770>]
    > [<c01472e6>] [<c0187770>] [<c0140edd>] [<c01977fc>] [<c01473e4>]
    > [<c01475be>] [<c0137ac8>] [<c0137e60>] [<c0138124>] [<c0137e60>]
    > [<c01381ca>] [<c014eadb>] [<c01094cb>]
    > [<e09def98>] [<c01113bf>] [<c0110ac2>] [<c014ebce>] [<c014ee6e>]
    > [<c010967f>]

    Could you please enable CONFIG_KALLSYMS and regenerate the backtrace?

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