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SubjectRe: atyfb in 2.5.51

> I've always stated that the whole fbdev model was flawed, it makes
> basic assumptions about how a video card's memory and registers are
> accessed (ie. the programming model) and many popular cards absolutely
> do not fit into that model.

I agree that the design of the /dev/fbX interface is not the best.
Unfortunely we are stuck with it. Changing it would break userland apps.

> > I will have to go threw the X code to fix that :-(
> There is nothing to fix. You simply must restore the video state when
> the last mmap() client goes away. The __sparc__ code does exactly that.

I should of worded that better. Meaning I have to see what X is doing so
the fbdev driver sets the state itself better. Hm. I'm thinking about the
mmap approach versus the fb_open approach being used now.

> I think relying on an application that mmap's a card to perfectly
> restore the state would work in a perfect world, one we do not live
> in. Furthermore, fixing up the state like I am suggesting makes life
> much simpler for people actually working on things like X servers and
> other programs directly programming the ATI chip.

:-( True. We should always assume X or any userland app could be broken.

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